Lenco L-85 Turntable with USB Direct Recording – White

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The Lenco L-85 is a colourful and contemporary way to bring your vinyl collection back to life. Packed full of user-friendly design features and functionality the L-85 is a modern twist on the traditional turntable. The Lenco L-84 is an excellent addition to the life of any Vinyl enthusiast current or lapsed. Delivering all the pleasures of vinyl without the heft price tag, but with all the heritage of an audiophile brand. The L-84 features belt drive technology which delivers consistent platter speeds and minimises vibrations from the motor so you have the best possible listening experience. The dual speed rating for 35RPM and 45RPM gives you great flexibility to listen to vinyl old and new. As you’d expect from one of the world’s foremost turntable brands, the L-84 sounds as good as it looks. The L-84 also features an integrated stereo pre-amplifier which means the turntable can be simply connected to your existing HiFi set-up, or used with any powered speakers, without the need of an additional external amplifier. Take the opportunity to convert your vinyl records to digital formats as a convenient back-up or to listen on digital devices (iPods, Phones, Tablets and MP3 Players). It’s simple to connect the turntable to your PC or Laptop and then conversion is intuitive. The L-84 delivers premium audio performance but also features an ultra-modern design that would grace any home. To ensure you keep your vinyl records in tip-top condition with the L-84 you’ll receive a removable plastic dust cover. Direct USB encoding The Lenco L-85 allows for direct USB encoding so you can create digital copies of your favourite Vinyl. Integrated stereo pre-amplifier The integrated amplifier allows for direct playback or recording for a better sound quality. Two play speeds (33rpm and 45rpm) With two speed options, you can listen to your favourite vinyl with the correct speed, so you can enjoy perfect sound quality, even with classic vinyls. Key Features: MIDI record player (420mm width) USB Port for PC connection to convert vinyl to digital format Integrated stereo pre-amplifier 2 rated speed settings 33 RPM and 45 RPM Moving Magnetic Cartridge (MMC) Mechanical arm lift Belt drive Semi-automatic Auto return Removable plastic dust cover