Toshiba Portable Wireless Streaming Party Speaker

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The Toshiba TY-ASC50B is a wireless rechargeable party Speaker with super bass and amazing 50W quality sound. This Speaker has all you need to “Bring the Party” including 7 LED colour changing lights, microphone ports (x2) for the singers in the group and digital echo. This speaker has Bluetooth and MP3 capabilities so you can access your tunes multiple ways and even has FM Radio with up to 30 channel pre-sets. There is also an Aux cable so if you want to listen with wired (or wireless headphones) you can. Finally, a 5V USB charging port, means you can charge up your phone or headphones while you listen. Features: 50 W Output (2 x 25W) with Super Bass 7 LED Colour changing Party Lights Bluetooth Function FM Radio Digital Tuner USB Charging Port – 5V 1000mA DC Power: 12V Rechargeable Battery USB port for MP3 playback Digital Echo function for microphone Backlit LED Display 1 x 3.5 mm AUX Earphone Jack