Activate 3 in 1 Wireless Charging Station

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Stay connected wherever you are with this fantastic Activate 3 in 1 Wireless Charging Station, perfect for travelling, camping and festivals. With 10 W power and wonderfully compact, the charger will fit easily into a bag so can keep it with you for when you need it. With the power to fully charge your smartphone, iWatch or Air Pods never have a flat battery again when on the move. Simply thread the cables of your items through and the items will stay securely in place. Features: Ideal for festivals, camping or travelling, the Activate Portable Charger Station ensures you can charge your devices wherever you are. Simply use the USB cable included to charge the charging station up and easily pop the compact design into your bag to take with you. The charger is compatible with smartphones, iWatch and Air Pods and you can effortlessly charge phones and air pods at the same time. Featuring an air pod holder with space for lightening cable, the charger includes an LED light which pops on during wireless charging Combining style with practicality, it has a 65% wireless charging efficiency with a sleek black design which will suit any setting.