Star Wars Kylo Ren Power Bank Lumina 6000mAh

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Power bank with LED light integrated into the body which activates when shaken by means of a motion sensor. Portable and rechargeable battery for charging all devices including tablets and cameras. Allowed on aircrafts. Soft rubber coating. Lumina is a practical, light-weight external 6000 mAh battery; it is rectangular, slimline and with rounded corners so you can carry it easily wherever you go. The surface has a rubberised look. Thanks to this portable Tribe battery charger, you can easily charge your smartphone, tablet or other portable devices quickly and conveniently, wherever you may be. The external battery charger is fitted with two USB ports for a total of 2A also allowing the simultaneous charging of several smartphones or other mobile devices, and a micro-USB port to charge the power bank itself What’s more, the LED light turns on when the device is charging or is connected to a power source, emphasising the graphics of the battery charger. Power Bank with integrated LED light that turns on thanks to the motion sensor. The back-lit effect of the LED light enhances the printed iconic graphics to recall the distinguishing features of the characters, ensuring the accessory matches the other products in the collection to perfection.