Aroma Home Time Out Marbled Ceramic USB Diffuser

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IWOOT – Stuff you really, really wantStyle meets serenity in our Time Out Marbled Ceramic USB Diffuser. Emitting a soft white glow from its rose-tinted glossy exterior, this diffuser makes the perfect addition to any chic interior. Humidify the air in your home to maintain healthy levels while creating a calming ambience to balance your wellbeing. Add a few drops of any of our essential oils to this diffuser and benefit from a number of therapeutic properties. They help to reduce airborne contaminants by neutralising positively-charged free radicals such as dust, pollen and smoke particles, leaving your home fresh and clean. Essential oils can also help reduce bacteria and fungi that might be lingering in the air, as well as naturally eliminate nasty odours, so you can breathe easy.