Bohemian Nights Solar Lanterns – Teal

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Let These Solar Lanterns Soak Up The Sun, Then Illuminate The Evening With Intricate Patterns.Sit Back And Relax!2 Round Solar Lanterns20 X 20 Cm | 8 X 8 In | 1 Led LightOutdoor Led Solar Lanterns Will Automatically Turn On At Sunset And Turn Off At Sunrise.Hang The Solar Lanterns In A Bright Sunny Spot That Will Allow Them To Collect As Much Sunlight As Possible.The Lights Will Switch On Automatically When Light Levels Drop.Please Note That Charging On A Bright Day Will Be More Effective Than On A Dull Cloudy Day.To Store, Bring Lanterns Indoors During Winter Months And Adverse Weather Conditions.Lanterns Made From Durable Tyvek Material And Suitable For Outdoor Use.Warning! For Decorative Purposes Only. This Is Not A Toy. This Product Is Intended For Outdoor Use. Keep Out Of Reach Of Young Children Due To Small Parts That Present A Choking Hazard. This Light Uses Not Replaceable Led?S (Light Emitting Diodes). The Product Will Stay Alight Until The Batteries Are Empty. This Unit Contains A Rechargeable Battery That Requires Sunlight To Charge.Keep Away From Strong Sources Of Heat And Naked Flames. Read Instructions Leaflet Before Use. Please Retain This Information For Future Reference.