Desktop Cinematic Lightbox – Black/White

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You can be sure your message will get through to even the most distracted member of the family, friend or colleague when you put your message on our Desktop Cinematic Lightbox. Taking inspiration from vintage cinema signage, the Lightbox is an desktop sized box containing three rows to slot in tiles of letters and symbols to create your own illuminated messages.The set contains 85 black tiles including letters, numbers, symbols and blanks for total creativity, ideal to use at home, for parties, events and special occasions. The lightbox can also be used as a fun home decoration in the form of a quirky room light. Sit the lightbox on a table or piece of furniture or mount it on a wall.Features:Cinematic LightboxCreate your own messages inspired by vintage cinema signage85 letters includedFun home decorationMount on wall or table topMaterial : ABS plastic/LEDThe lightbox requires 6 x AA batteries (not included)Dimensions : H: 21cm x W: 14.8cm