Dinosaur Lunch Box

Take My Money!

We think this Dinosaur lunch box is roar-some! Shaped like the head of a terrifying T-Rex (or should we say Tea-Rex?) this lunch box will devour your tasty treats in one jaw-ful and keep them safe and ‘bone’ dry until lunch time. You’ll not need to worry about losing this in a busy classroom as it sticks out like a ‘saur’ thumb! Made from food safe synthetic rubber, the lunch box features a Velcro carry handle with ‘Dino chase’ printed on the top and will make the perfect gift for any dinosaur fan.Features: Dinosaur lunch boxBlack velcro carry handleMade from food safe rubberGreat gift for dinosaur fansSize:Dimensions: H: 23.5cm x W: 16.5cm x D: 12.5cmWeight: 315g