Friends Central Perk Neon Light

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Think 90’s. Think nostalgia. Think fun. Think Friends. Think Central Perk & its instantly recognisable neon light. This coffee shop is without a doubt the most popular in the world and this famous light is a real icon of the Friends series (along with the super catchy intro tune) with it just oozing in nostalgia and fun. An officially licensed piece of Friends merchandise, it will add character and chic to any room in your home – you don’t need to have a purple painted apartment to pull this one off. This versatile home accessory can be situated anywhere, it’s powered by USB which means it can be plugged into your laptop, game console, socket, you name it. Standing at around 38cm wide and 13cm tall, it makes a statement both turned off and on. But it’s when its illuminated when it really comes alive – with its soft green and red neon glow helping to create the perfect atmosphere for those evenings spent binging the series on Netflix. It makes a neat addition to your home, providing plenty of 90’s charm along with a pretty special gift for any Friends fan. The Central Perk neon light provides fun and style by the bucket load and it’ll soon have you reminiscing over the adventures and ridiculous antics enjoyed by Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Ross & Joey. If you’re looking for a special piece of TV memorabilia that’s full of nostalgia and history, there’s not too much about that can compete with this Friends light. A TV juggernaut with over 200 episodes in the locker – it’s time to bring the series home in a new way. Product Details: Powered by USB. Measures at 38cm x 13cm. Illuminates with a soft green & red glow. Officially licensed Friends merchandise. The ultimate gift for Friends fans.