iconBIT Smart Self-Balancing Scooter Eco

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SMART SCOOTER ECO, the latest generation self-balancing electric scooter with great safety features. The iconBIT Smart Scooter Eco is a two-wheeled, battery-powered fun vehicle based on the principle of “self-balancing scooter”. Equipped with the Safety Auto balance technology, the Smart Scooter Eco can perform 360 ° turns on the spot (radius-free). SAFETY FIRST: By using the Safety Auto balance technology in combination with the Safety Protection System, you always have control over your Smart Eco Scooter. For safety reasons, the Smart Scooter Eco can automatically reduce the top speed of 10 km / h to walking speed with the help of the “Speedup Function” when the battery is empty. If you empty the battery while driving, the Smart Eco Scooter will gradually reduce the speed to a complete stop. A sudden stop with high accident potential while driving is thus prevented. Features: Safety Autobalance-Technology Battery safety cuttout (Slows down to stop, doesn’t cut off mid drive) Hard wearing plastic shell Max speed up to 10km/h Battery low warning display In the box: iconBIT ECO Scooter Product Manual Power Supply