Plant Based Riot

Take My Money!

Plant-Based Riot is the set-collecting, card-matching card game for families. There are gangs of terrible edibles, there’s thieving fruit, and there’s tons of card-based carnage. For a simple card game, this baby really packs a punch.It has all the brutality of an actual food fight, only with way less clearing up afterward.So how do you play?First, you’ve gotta work out what villainous vegetable gangs you’ve got to collect. After that, it’s all about assembling those gangs whilst simultaneously screwing over your opponents – you do that by stealing from them using action cards.Once you’ve got your veggie gangs, you can start a turf war with the Cartel – that’s where you find out if you’ve collected the right gangs. If you have, you win!It’s fun and fluid but also an easy card game to play, so it’s perfect for your next family games night. It’s even small enough to take on your next holiday!So treat your family to a copy of this savage food-fighting card game. And shipping is free, so you’d be pota-totally crazy not to!Assemble gangsWin the turf war!It’s a veg-powered family card gameAnd an easy card game for families to learnAll you need is a dastardly desire to collect & conquer