Slush Puppie Milkshake Maker

Take My Money!

Picture this: it’s a hot summer’s day and you want an instant hit of ice-cold hydration without having to leave your house. From the masterminds behind the iconic slushie makers, this officially licensed Slush Puppie Milkshake Maker will certainly sweeten the deal. Forget making a journey all the way to a fast-food outlet – only to find that the milkshake machine is out of order, because you’ll have access to your own cold beverages whenever the cravings strike.Featuring the same retro designs from the yesteryears, you can spruce up your kitchen to give it a real vintage American diner feel with the pop of blue provided by this milkshake machine. Its compact design means it also won’t take up too much space, wherever you decide to put it.All you need to do is combine some milk of your choice with the original Slush Puppie flavourings inside the metal cup provided and this clever milkshake machine will handle the rest. Want to take it even further? A scoop of your choice of ice cream will not only add more flavour, but can help to create a thicker milkshake, too. It’s just what you need when preparing for those scorchers in the summer.Simply pour 200ml of milk, and don’t forget your flavours – you’ll then need to add just 20ml of your milkshake syrup, and then position the metal cup under the machine. After switching it on, your delicious milkshake will be pouring in minutes. To serve, use the provided paper cups and straws – there are four in total so you’ll be ready to party in no time.For your ticket to a heavenly summer, you can’t be without a milkshake. Thankfully, this practical and stylish device is just what you need to upgrade any heatwave from the comfort of your own home. Become the host with the most for children’s events and many more occasions with this deliciously convenient Milkshake Maker, courtesy of Slush Puppie.