Super Mario Super Star Light with Projection

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IWOOT – Stuff you really, really wantLight up your bedroom, desk or games room with this fantastic Super Star Light. This light, is in the design of the iconic Super Star from the Super Mario game series. Ideal as a Secret Santa present and a stocking filler, this fun light is perfect for Super Mario fans and general video game enthusiasts.One of the most popular and instantly recognisable video game characters of all time, Mario first appeared in the iconic 1981 arcade game Donkey Kong under the name ‘Jump man’. Since then, Mario has become a legend within popular culture and has been a defining figure not just for Nintendo, but for the whole gaming industry. Since hitting the big time with Super Mario Bros.Mario has had huge success with other instalments such as Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario 3D World and the hugely popular racing spin-off Super Mario Kart. The Super Star Light is an officially licensed Super Mario product.