Tetris Tetrimino Light

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The ideal addition to any retro gaming fan’s home, this Tetromino Light is a fantastic piece of 80s memorabilia. You place the tetrominoes into the board to make it light up, meaning you can create whichever patterns you wish. Resembling the iconic video game Tetris, this light makes a fantastic gift for lovers of old school gaming and 80s fans alike. The light is USB powered, and features a black board and 53 coloured tetromino blocks that you can place in as if you were playing Tetris. Tetris is a world famous video game that originated in the Soviet Union in the 1980s and has gone on to spawn many different versions. Players have to make their tetrominoes all fit together like a puzzle in order to create a horizontal line across the bottom of the screen. You are able to rotate your tetrominoes as they fall to the bottom, but once they’ve landed, they’re stuck. One of the most instantly recognisable games of all time, and a hit the world over, Tetris has sold over 170 million copies in total since its original release. The Tetromino Light is an officially licensed Tetris product.