Warmies Extra Long Bulldog Hot Water Bottle

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Our Extra Long Sausage Dog Hot Water Bottle now has another new friend, the Bulldog!It’s the perfect way to warm you up on cold nights, the extra-long Warmies® Bulldog Hot Water Bottle is guaranteed to be your new best friend for the colder months! With a super-soft polyester fur cover, this adorable design will make a perfect gift for both adults and children. Crafted from odour-free PVC, the tubular bottle is very flexible, so is perfect for placing over larger areas of the body or cuddling up to in bed.Instructions:Washing – Surface clean regularly with a lightly damp cloth, allow to dry at room temperature. DO NOT IMMERSE IN WATER.Heating – Simply add hot water (do not use water straight from the kettle to avoid burning). Fill to a maximum of two-thirds capacity or less. DO NOT OVERFILL.Recommended Age – 3+ years.Colour – Tan & White