Active Collagen – 20servings – Strawberry

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What Is Active Collagen? Available in two delicious flavours, Caramel Latte & Strawberry, Active Collagen Powder is a lighter, milky texture, alternative to heavy protein bars and shakes. Containing 15g of hydrolysed collagen, plus caffeine, this shake is not just a great source of protein, but an all in one tasty way to ensure your energy levels are up all day. It also contains 3g of Leanbiome per serving, a popular prebiotic ingredient which is made up of Glucomannan which can contribute to weight loss in an energy restricted diet1. Why Use Active Collagen? Tiredness and fatigue can heavily impact our day to day lives. Our Active Collagen Powder is a quick and easy way to boost your caffeine intake at any time of the day with 45mg of caffeine in the Caramel Latte flavour and 20mg in the Strawberry flavour. Found throughout our body, protein is an essential part of our diet to support muscle mass2. Our busy lifestyles can make it difficult to take in the right amount of vitamins and minerals in our diet. Designed to support your everyday wellbeing from within, our Active Collagen Powder are a delicious source of protein to guarantee you are powered throughout the day. What Works Well With Active Collagen? For an all great rounder, try our Multivitamin Gummies – a delicious, convenient source of 10 essential nutrients.