Beauty Basics Bundle

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What is Beauty Basics Bundle? The perfect pairing of beauty favourites, this bundle is a great addition to those wanting to promote healthy hair and skin. Naturally occurring in the body, Collagen is a protein that adds the elasticity and plumpness to the tissues in your skin. Myvitamins Collagen Tablets are a high-quality source of this protein and is a great way to support your levels throughout the day. Coming with a variety of benefits for both your mental and physical health, Biotin is an essential vitamin that also promotes healthy hair, skin and nails (1); as well as maintains normal cognitive functions (2) and boosts energy levels (3). Why Use Beauty Basics Bundle? More often than not, your hair and skin tend to be forgotten about – leaving them dry and brittle. This combination of essential vitamins is designed to simply enhance your inner-beauty routine, ensuring you can feel amazing every single day. What Works Well with Beauty Basics Bundle? Vitamin A, also referred to as Retinol, is a key beauty ingredient that plays a role in skin health (5) and cell function. (6) Try our bestselling Retinol Softgels.