Block Soho

Take My Money!

We do steak, chops and seafood – and things that go really well with steak, chops and seafood.
Our meat, fish and vegetables are sourced from the best guys in the businesses and we treat everything with the respect it deserves when it arrives in our kitchen. Nothing is wasted and we age our meat to perfection in our Himalayan salt chamber.
The Block chefs are fully fledged grill masters, but we’d be nothing without the people who put the chops on the block.
Our rare breed meat comes from Huntsham Court Farm, which has been in the Vaughan family for over 400 years.
Richard and Rosamund Vaughan rear Longhorn cattle, Middle White pigs and Ryeland sheep on the rolling fields of the Wye Valley. These are all skilfully butchered on site to supply world-class meat direct from the farm.