Cards Against Humanity UK Edition V2.0

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In the mood for a little bit of unfiltered humour with your mates? Well then, it seems Cards Against Humanity UK Edition (Volume 2) is right up your bowling alley… The game that holds no cards barred (literally), Cards Against Humanity prevails as the most wicked and despicable party experience known to this planet… But oh, how we love it! Turning any benign gathering into an exploration into the depravities of the soul, it is no exaggeration to say that Cards Against Humanity is an eye opener—the biggest understatement of the year! Oh yes, ever wondered how dark and terribly over the edge your friends can go? Wonder no more, party people… You’ve just found the window into the mind—if that window was a comedy club within the depths of hell itself. Indeed, sweet Sarah and lovable Laurence will be belly laughing at the most unthinkable statements imaginable, revealing the most secluded recesses of the cerebral cortex for all to see… Muhahaha—ahem… *Cough* Excuse us. The rules of the game are simple: Each subsequent round, one player asks a set question from a black card, to which all the remaining players choose from their previously selected white cards (containing a variety of rude and risky answers). And, of course, there is the dreaded blank card—proving who really has a mind veiled in the shadow of darkness… Ominous psychological examination aside, Cards Against Humanity is the perfect addition to any gathering or party occasion, providing hours of fun on the most shameful of levels. Oh, and one last thing: No children allowed! Trust us on that one… Product Details: Cards Against Humanity UK Edition V2.0 Ages 17+ Over 600 cards (50 more than before) 150 new cards Adapted from the original American version of the game for the culture of the UK