Chronicles of Crime Board Game

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Imagine a game like Time Stories, but where the material is fully reusable to play new stories way after you have purchased the game. This is the promise of Chronicles of Crime. Enabled by our ‘Scan & Play’ technology, each character, location, or evidence is linked to a QR Code. This means that each character can become someone else, each district can be linked to a different place and 3D scenes can be reinvented. This gives your game the capacity to become anything based on each author’s take on it! A key element of Chronicles of Crime is the capacity to search for physical evidence in Virtual Reality. If you have purchased the optional VR Glasses (sold separately), attach them to your device, bring them to your eyes and experience the crime scene as if you were there. While the player looking at the scene describes out loud what they see, the other players try to find the matching evidence categories. After the 45 second session ends, each category is scanned to see if it actually carries an interest for the investigation. You can also play without VR Glasses, by simply moving around with your phone or by a touch of a finger!