Hen Hamper 7 Greatest Hen Party Games

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7 Greatest Hen Party Games – Bubbly Pong, Mr & Mrs, Hen Charades, I Have Never, Who Knows The Bride Best?, What Am I? And Truth Or Dare. The Complete Hen Party Package – Hen Hamper Is The Ultimate Collection Of Hen Party Games, Containing Absolutely Everything You Need To Host A Hilarious And Memorable Hen Party For The Bride-To-Be. Naughty & Innocent Games – This Great Value Hen Party Games Pack Includes A Mix Of Classy, Innocent And Naughty Games To Break The Ice And Get The Girls In Fits Of Laughter! Simple Rules & Drinking Game Variations – The Easy-To-Read Rule Sheet With Optional Drinking Game Variations Will Have The Hen Party In Full Swing In No Time! Perfect For All Sized Hen Parties – Hen Hamper Is Fantastic Value As It Takes Care Of All Your Hen Party Entertainment, No Matter The Size Of Party! Games: Bubbly Pong – Pop the Prosecco and get bouncing with this classic boozy party starter I Have Never – This naughty icebreaker will have the party in fits of giggles Mr & Mrs – Put the bride to the test and find out if she really knows her groom Truth or Dare – Guaranteed to spice up the night and turn a few faces red Hen Charades – Let your inner actress out with this cheeky miming game Who Knows The Bride Best? – Get mushy and sentimental in this friendship-based quiz What Am I? – This innuendo riddle game will expose your dirty-minded friends! Contains: 20 Pink Pong Cups & 4 Ping Pong Balls 56 ‘I Have Never’ Cards 28 ‘Truth or Dare’ Cards 28 ‘What Am I?’ Cards 28 Innocent ‘Hen Charades’ Cards 28 Naughty ‘Hen Charades’ Cards Innocent ‘Mr & Mrs’ Quiz Sheet Naughty ‘Mr & Mrs’ Quiz Sheet ‘Who Knows the Bride Best’ Quiz Sheet Game Rules Just add friends & bubbly! Specifics: Age 18+ 2-20 players