LEGO Marvel Rise of the Domo Space Building Toy (76156)

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IWOOT – Stuff you really, really wantLEGO Marvel Rise of the Domo (76156) space toy for kids lets them explore the detailed interior of the Eternals’ spaceship, then recreate the final battle with 6 superhero minifigures and 2 evil Deviant action figures.If you’re looking for a new treat for a youngster, they’ll love this Marvel building toy. Kids join 6 Eternals – Makkari, Ikaris, Thena, Sersi, Druig and Phastos – and explore their amazing toy spaceship. The 3 sides lift open to give access to the cockpit, weapons room, laboratory and more. But when the evil leader of the Deviants arrives with his accomplice, kids must use the spaceship to overcome the Deviants! If you’re buying for a minifigure fan, this is the only LEGO playset to feature the Druig and Phastos minifigures!LEGO Marvel The Eternals brick building toys are action playsets with cool minifigures that inspire young imaginations and make ideal Christmas and birthday gifts for kids.The spaceship measures over 8” (22cm) long.The LEGO Marvel Rise of the Domo building toy features the Eternals’ spaceship with 3 sides that lift open to give access to explore and playThis space toy for kids features a cockpit, armoury full of cool weapons & lab packed with tech – a futuristic room dedicated to scienceKids can place a minifigure in the spaceship’s driving seat to role-play endless battles between superhero figures and Deviant creaturesIncludes 6 LEGO Marvel minifigures: Makkari, Ikaris, Thena, Sersi, Druig & Phastos, and 2 Deviant action figures with Kro, the Deviant leaderThis set is the only one to feature Druig and Phastos, so it makes a wonderful Christmas or birthday gift for kids and LEGO fansThis easy-to-build toy spaceship comes with simple instructions that ensure kids can build, play and enjoy imaginative fun without delayYoung superheroes can combine sets from the LEGO Marvel The Eternals range to expand the imaginative play possibilities even furtherAge: 8+Number of Pieces: 1040