Modarri Space Invaders – Monster Truck

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We’ve all heard of spaceships, but how about space trucks?! Introducing the Space Invaders TURBO Monster Truck, with day-glo alien graphics, oversized wheels and durable chrome frame. Designed for the toughest terrain and harshest elements, there’s no better way to explore the galaxy! Mix & Match with the extra C1 Concept hood and fender for an ultimate space-age machine (12 total interchangeable parts on the truck). Modarri’s modular system is made to inspire open-ended, imaginative play. Whether PRO or TURBO, every hood, frame and fender is interchangeable across every Modarri car or Monster Truck. Just loosen the built-in screws with the hex tool provided and swap out parts for easy on-the-go customization! Let your imagination take you to the outer limits. (Note: TURBO Monster Truck Chassis are a separate platform from Modarri Delux PRO Chassis, and the wheels and seats do not interchange with those cars, but all hoods, fenders and frames do.) Each Pack Includes: Bright Green Monster Truck chassis Dark Transparent Blaster S2 hood Dark Transparent Blaster R1 Fender Chrome Coupe Frame (plastic) Transprent UFO C1 hood Silver UFO C1 Fender 4 Large soft rubber tires (interchangeable with other trucks) 4 Rims (interchangeable with other trucks) Hex Tool