Playmobil Asterix: Pirates Advent Calendar (71087)

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IWOOT – Stuff you really, really wantA pirate can look out from the crow’s nest. Sail holder, oars and rudder are freely movable. With the included weight, the pirate ship becomes buoyant. A fish can be attached to the fishing hook. The dinghy floats and can transport two figures. With Asterix and 5 other well-known characters from the comic.Dimensions Ship: 46 x 24 x 43 cm (LxDxH)Ship ahoy! With 24 little doors an exciting pre-Christmas season starts. The Asterix: Advent Calendar Pirates is the perfect surprise for young and old Asterix fans. On board the pirate ship are the pirate captain and his crew.The Pirate lookout searches for merchant ships in the crow’s nest. But instead of richly laden booty ships, he discovers Asterix and Anticlimax setting their sights on the pirate ship with their rowboat. Fortified with a sip of magic potion, the two will surely foil the pirates’ plans once again. The lovingly designed Asterix Advent Calendar Pirates invites all Playmobil friends into the exciting world of the indomitable Gauls. The playset contains an Asterix Advent Calendar with 24 surprises based around the popular comic characters with Asterix and Anticlimax, five pirates, a pirate ship with crow’s nest, a rowboat, fishing rod, fish, numerous accessories and many other exciting extras. For playing in the water, the included weight is attached to the bottom of the pirate ship. The pirate ship can be upgraded with an underwater motor (7350 – sold separately).Figures:Asterix1 Gaul5 piratesAccessories:1 pirate ship1 rowboat with 2 oars6 oars for the ship1 rope8 shields1 crow’s nest1 pirate flag1 torch1 cloth1 wooden crutch2 baskets1 barrel1 fishing rod6 fish1 fish bone1 chest1 bag of gold coins4 swords1 saber2 knives1 axe1 club5 helmets1 water bottle