Playmobil Starter Pack Police Training (70817)

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IWOOT – Stuff you really, really wantThe perfect introduction to the Playmobil worlds! The quad’s agile grabber arm can help the expert diffuse the bomb while the police officer closes off the danger area.For tricky operations the Playmobil special unit is called. In order to be well prepared for an emergency, the police officers practice defusing and removing hazardous materials. First, the danger zone is cordoned off, then the specialist arrives with his quad. He extinguishes the fire with a shot from the foam gun and then carefully picks up the explosive material with the gripper arm. His colleague supports him with instructions through the megaphone. Thanks to their excellent teamwork, the task is quickly completed. Playmobil Starter Packs are an ideal introduction to the big colourful Playmobil world.The set includes a quad, two Playmobil figures and great extras, is quickly assembled and ready to play immediately.IncludesFigures:2 policemenAccessories:1 bomb disposal quad2 gloves1 police cap1 helmet1 vest2 megaphones1 holster1 gun1 warning light1 warning sign1 flame1 barrier1 bomb1 shovel1 walkie talkie