Revell Advent Calendar – Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 Coupé – 1:24 Scale

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IWOOT – Stuff you really, really wantThe second generation of the 911 series was generally known as the G-Model. For the model year 1984, the Carrera was upgraded to a 3.2-litre engine with 231 hp.Multi-piece six-cylinder engineOptionally as left-hand or right-hand drive versionMovable bonnetDecals featuring various licence plates (D, A, F, B, NL, GB, I, E, DK)In addition to basic colours, adhesives and brushes are also included.Includes:Plastic model kit (non-assembled)Illustraded, multilingual assembly instructionsDecal setBase colors (Revell Aqua Color)Adhesive (Revell Contacta Professional Mini)Brush