Toy Story 4 Bullseye Toy Horse Cut Out

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This large cardboard standee of Bullseye the Toy Horse is from the Toy Story franchise. This cardboard standee is entirely self supporting. Bullseye is Sheriff Woody’s horse and is a loyal friend to Woody and Jessie. Toy Story fans will adore this cutout. Also great for 90s parties and western themes. Bring the fun from the Toy Story franchise into your world. Loved by fans of all ages, Toy Story 4 character cardboard cutouts are sure to bring the joy to any party or event they attend. Use this cardboard cutout to make your next event, wedding, product launch, exhibition and customer offering fabulous. Free standing and made from high quality durable cardboard. Lifesize Cardboard Cutout Perfect for Photos Easy to assemble. Folds away for easy storage. Fast, efficient delivery. Looks great standing in the window, on display or pinned to wall! Great for gifts, themed weddings, parties, props, home, office and events. Height 134cm Width 96cm